h+h cologne: 22.–24.03.2024 #hhcologne

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  Zak a dit | Speaker of the h+h cologne 2023


Zak a dit
content creator
Key subjects
Workshop, Acrylic/textile/oil water paints, Miscellaneous, Knitting, Embroidery, Rug and Crochet Thread / Yarn / Wool

About Zak a dit

Zak lives in Paris in the 18th arrondissement and loves his neighborhood as much as the atmosphere, the colors, the different cultures, the fashions, the laughter of the children in the park, the people talking on the terrace, the graffiti on my way to dance school...
When he was a boy, he lived in the countryside. He loved his childhood! He didn't has many toys so he had to draw them, invent them, imagine them... He played with dolls with his little sisters and they made dresses for them with the curtains that he cut discreetly behind his mother's back... He even stolen towels from the kitchen and collected everything he could to create a new world.
Later, he took art classes and then learned to knit and crochet. Today, in his universe, he likes to mix all these techniques.
He always have a cup of coffee on his desk, more or less hot, there are plenty of markers and colored pencils, he has countless sketchbooks and little notes everywhere, his cupboards are full of wool and the shelves are overflowing with fabrics… He is surrounded by colors, flowers, birds and people who laugh a lot! He actually laughs a lot. Dancing, sharing, drawing, knitting, crocheting and sewing are his daily hobbies !
Every day, through social media, he tries to share the love of making and the hapinesse of being a crafter.