h+h cologne: 22.–24.03.2024 #hhcologne

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  Britta Sänger | Speaker of the h+h cologne 2023


Britta Sänger
Engineer for clothing technology
Key subjects

About Britta Sänger

Regular live show | Britta Sänger hosts the sewing show "ohNÄH!". In a studio with an audience and a pianist, Britta has been sewing and chatting with selected guests for six years. The possibilities of upcycling, as well as practical tips on the everyday hurdles of sewing guests are served in a relaxed manner to the ever-growing fan base at blabla.cafe. "ohNÄH!" is the first German-language live sewing show on the Internet.
Production chains in Europe and the world | Britta got around a lot and took a close look at the beginning of her career. How does the garment industry work? What goes badly, what goes well? And what are the basics? Whether it's Steilmann in Germany and jeans production in Europe or on-site manufacturing in Suzhou, China. Britta took a look and comes to the conclusion:
Profit alone, can't be it!
The stuff life is made of | As so often, the global starts close by. Bringing the stuff together with the people in a good way is a matter of the heart. Britta went to the people, trained young women to be seamstresses and managed the sewing department in a workshop for people with disabilities. The result was a project for women in a sewing workshop.
Record holder, of course! | Britta Sänger never misses out on the fun of sewing. In 1999, a team of 60 students broke the Guinness record in textile fast production. "From sheep to suit," including shearing, spinning, weaving and sewing, the like-minded team managed in just 1 hour, 2 minutes and 36 seconds!