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Why retailers need social media campaigns

21 Feb 2019

Picture: Mikaela Ioannou

Picture: Mikaela Ioannou

Please tell us something about your career and background.

I come from the film and television industry. There I learned everything about storytelling and video production for feature films and commercials. Since 2007, I have also produced many films for the web and built web platforms for large companies. In 2014 I became a mother and didn't want to be on the road with my baby so much. That's why I founded an online shop for fabrics by the metre, because I know the materials and textiles very well. I mainly used Facebook and Instagram to market the shop. A short time later, Facebook asked me if I wanted to become an ambassador because my fan page worked so well. I now work as a social media consultant again and advise various large and small companies with a focus on Facebook, Instagram and everything that belongs to the Facebook group. Since this year I am also on the Facebook advisory board for small and medium-sized companies. My online shop now runs almost by itself.

Why are you giving the workshop at h+h cologne?

For me, h+h is a particularly beloved child because I know this industry very well and it's of course fun to support lone fighters and not just wholesalers. I want to show them what is possible with little money. Because for advertising campaigns on these platforms you don't need much money to reach many people, attract attention and increase sales.

Why do retailers need social media campaigns?

In the meantime, social media can also be used to advertise very well for regional companies. The customers are either on Facebook or Instagram or both channels. There you can reach them quickly and in a very targeted way and draw attention to yourself. Customers can now get online advice and also find out about the providers there. Therefore, if the customer doesn't know where to find me, he won't come by.

Why is storytelling interesting for social media users?

Storytelling is important for retailers. Especially on Facebook and Instagram, people go through the timeline very quickly and only notice advertising or content for a short moment. If the topic doesn't get to you immediately, then the user quickly looks further. The more interesting the topic is for me as a user, the more likely I am to get caught.

Where can stories be found?

For many retailers who haven't had much to do with social media and content creation before, it's hard to see the story behind every product or tell the sales story for the web. But actually there is content everywhere. When a customer enters a store, as the owner I immediately approach the customer and advise them, tell them about new products and why the product they are interested in is good. That's already storytelling! Anything can be a story: The bad weather for which you should knit a warm sweater or sew a raincoat, or the sunshine for which you should be lightly dressed now.