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Sustainable products from our exhibitors from all over the world - an overview

23 Mar 2020

In times of climate change, great importance is attached to sustainable products and production methods. Many of our exhibitors already have a large line of sustainable products on display. Here we show you some of them:

Lankava - Finnish organic cotton yarns

© Lankava

© Lankava

"Unfortunately, we cannot see you in Cologne this year, but we are nevertheless pleased to be able to present our products to you. We would like to introduce you to our ever-growing family of eco-cotton yarns made from processed cotton waste: popular yarns for macramé, modern crochet, weaving and coarse knitting - all in a wide range of wonderful colours! Solid quality, a wide range of colours and environmentally friendly aspects are at the heart of these premium yarns.

Lankava wants to inspire craftsmen not only with its yarns, but also with new inspiring patterns. The colourful patterns for home decorations and accessories will be published in English on the website.

Discount campaign:

Until April 30th, 2020 there is a 10% discount on all Lankava organic cotton yarns.

  • Lilli Tube Yarn
  • Mini Tube Yarn
  • Eko Tube Yarn
  • Paulina Chunky Twine
  • Matilda Mini Twine
  • Minimop yarn
  • Chunkymop yarn
  • Frotee Loopy Craft Yarn

To receive the discount, simply send your order by e-mail to export@lankava.fi and indicate the code HH2020.

You can also place your order in our online shop, where you may receive additional discounts. To place an online order, you must first register as our wholesale customer: www.lankava.fi/en/wholesale


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at export@lankava.fi

We would be pleased to hear from you!

Follow us:

About Instagram @lankavayarnhouse
On Facebook @lankavaoy
Homepage: www.lankava.fi

Stucken Yarns - Mohair and wool from South Africa

Stucken Yarns’ 20/21 premium mohair and wool yarn collection marks our strong commitment towards sustainability.

Stucken Yarns 1 © Stucken Yarns

© Stucken Yarns

As vertically-integrated natural fibre specialists located in the heart of the South African wool and mohair region, Stucken Yarns is in the unique position of being able to closely monitor the entire yarn production process from farm to yarn. The transparency of production and the traceability to the source provides unique opportunities for the growing demand for sustainable alternatives.

The collection includes brushed and smooth yarns from lace to chunky weights available on cone, hank or dyed balls for private label.

Stucken Yarns 2 © Stucken Yarns

© Stucken Yarns


To request a copy of our of 20/21 catalogue and to learn more about us please visit our website or contact us directly info@stuckenyarns.com .

CASASOL - Recycled macramé yarn from Spain

CASASOL Handmade® is Filicor's brand, which is geared to the needs of the flourishing handmade sector. Its catalogue features versatile and highly specialized materials, manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and 100% in Europe. They can be used to create many handmade projects (knitting, crochet, punch needle, macramé, tapestry, etc.).

New products

Bottle Macramé, our new SEAQUAL-certified macramé for a clean ocean

Recyceltes Makramee Garn © CASASOL


Filicor S.L., operating under the name of CASASOL®, is honored to have obtained an official license to produce SEAQUAL™ certified macramé. Bottle Macramé is our latest innovation to provide our customers with an environmentally friendly, high quality product made from recycled plastics extracted from the sea, mainly plastic bottles.

Bottle Macramé is made from 100% recycled polyester yarn that has undergone a transformation process from post-consumer plastics of marine origin to fully functional fibres that meet all quality standards.

The end product is a 100% resistant 3-PLY macramé rope for macramé that does not deteriorate easily. It also feels very comfortable and its unique composition tolerates a low density dyeing process, saving 50% of the water normally used.

It is a very versatile material, as it is available in a wide range of thicknesses (3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm and 9 mm) and in various metre and weight coils. The smallest thicknesses (3 and 5 mm) can be used to make accessories (macramé jewellery, key rings and handbags), interior and exterior decoration (table runners, placemats, room dividers, cushions, plant hangers, garden accessories, etc.), tapestries and looms. Thicknesses 7 and 9 mm can also be used to make tapestries, looms and interior and exterior decorations.

The SEAQUAL™ initiative is a Spanish-based organisation that has created a unique cooperation platform involving NGOs, fishermen, local communities, researchers, scientists, public authorities and private stakeholders in order to cleanse our oceans from marine pollution and breathe new life into waste lost in the environment.

Through its collaboration with the SEAQUAL™ initiative, CASASOL® is helping communities make the transition to a closed loop economy and participating in the solution to ocean pollution by reducing waste.


A new CASASOL Handmade® material and sample magazine is now available for our customers and industry specialists who would like to learn more about us. Order it now for free.

Casasol, threads that tell stories

Our catalogue has a wide range of very specialised materials that allow the end user to work with all kinds of techniques (knitting, crochet, macramé, tapestry, etc.) in addition to patterns, to create endless do-it-yourself projects.

On these pages we would like to show all the possibilities of some of our most famous materials: 100% organic detox cotton combed, Big Cotton, Casasol Cotton Air®, Italian Merino SW, Linen, Palomitas, Veggie Wool® and warp.

Link: casasol.es/casasol-handmade-filicor/



For magazine orders and further information:

Contact person: Ester Puig
e-Mail: export@casasol.es
Phone: +34 972 26 07 47
Mobile: +34 663 98 86 05

Author: Antje Bussinger