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Storage – A tidy house, a tidy mind.

27 Apr 2020

True to this motto you can easily store your sewing utensils with practical products. Take a closer look at our wide range of products!

© ITO Yarn & Design GmbH

© ITO Yarn & Design GmbH

The brand name addi stands worldwide for the highest demands on handcraft needles. The company originally started with the production of steel crochet hooks. Today the assortment consists of knitting and crochet hooks made of different materials like brass, aluminium, steel, plastic, bamboo and olive wood as well as a wide range of handicraft accessories.

The company is deeply rooted in its home country and "Made in Germany" thus also expresses the philosophy of the company. addi focuses on a sustainable use of resources and considers the environment as an important factor in investment considerations. This is also reflected in production development and product development. Thus more and more materials are used which are absolutely environmentally friendly.

Let a small preview of the addi innovations 2020 convince you.

The ergonomic addiNovel fine knitting needles with square rounded edges and a structured surface are also available as addiClick cases for changing. The filigree addiClick plug-in system ensures unlimited knitting fun. The cases are available in two high-quality blue textile structures. Available in a LACE and a LACE SHORT version. Both have space for thicknesses from 3.5 to 8.0 mm. The cases also include 3 red addi ropes (60cm, 80 cm and 100 cm), 1 clutch, 1 addi gold brooch and 1 addiGrip for easy joining of the tips and ropes. The addiClick Novel LACE case will be available to retailers from August 2020.

© addi

© addi

The next product is a chic felt case with a special design. The addiNest offers space for 11 addiCraSyTrio SHORT sets with 21 cm (metal) or 24 cm (bamboo) length. No needle gets lost anymore. The addiNest is delivered without needles.

© addi

© addi

A complete overview of the new products for 2020 can be found at shop.addi.de/de/neuheiten-2020.

Contact persons:

Anne-Marie Stehle ( stehle@selter.com / Phone +49 (0) 2352 9781-24)

Serap Olgun ( olgun@selter.com / Phone +49 (0) 2352 9781-15)

The company produces almost 2,300 articles in its manufactory. BOHIN is constantly working on its products, which are characterized by high quality. Discover already here a small selection of the new products.

New products include the men's sewing kit and the "Secrets couture" travel sewing kit with an exclusive BOHIN design that tells a beautiful love story: "While Manon walks the streets of Paris, she meets Jack on a terrace in Montmartre and together they discover New York.

This sewing kit is very practical when you are on the road and need to make repairs. It includes a selection of 20 No. 3/9 long sewing needles, an aluminum needle threader, three No. 1 and two safety pins with ball, 9 cm embroidery scissors, a 150 cm measuring tape and thread netting. It contains everything you need for require minor sewing repairs. Thanks to its size of 9 cm x 12 cm (opened: 12 cm x 18 cm) you can easily store it in the glove compartment of your car.



The collection consists on the one hand of a modern knitted bag with a trendy tartan made of a very soft and flexible material. You can choose between different styles: brown/red, blue/pink or yellow/black.

The inside of the bag consists of a 45 cm large storage space with a zipper. The bag is perfect for storing your wool and sewing equipment. Your smallest accessories find their place in the front pocket.



On the other hand, the collection includes a sewing bag to store all your accessories: thimbles, needles, buttons, embroidery scissors, pens, etc. It measures 18 cm x 11 cm and is equipped with 3 pockets, so you can store every item! The sewing bag can also be used as a jewelry bag or as a storage for beauty products.

The range of cases for storing knitting needles is also part of the collection. The trendy and timeless case is made of very soft and flexible materials and has a length of 45 cm. It is available in three patterns: yellow/marine, brown/red, blue/pink.

All new products can be found at bohin.com/en/nouveautes-2020.

Contact: Fabien Regnier ( f.regnier@bohin.fr )

Steidl & Becker GmbH is one of the leading wholesalers in the industry. In addition to manufacturing accessories for industry, the product range includes a wide range of sewing and knitting accessories for hobby and trade. The focus is on supplying the trade and craft as well as the textile and leather processing industry.

A highlight of the new products is the limited KnitPro knitting needle set DENIM . The changeable knitting needles in jeans look are stored in a very practical small bag. The bag is designed in jeans look in combination with vegan leather (blue jeans/brown).

© Steidl & Becker GmbH

© Steidl & Becker GmbH

The limited collector's edition DENIM is a must-have for all fans of Symfonie Wood needles: they are light, very smooth, visually very appealing and yet exceptionally strong and durable. Perfect tips that taper evenly are ideal for all yarns and every project. The denim blue of the needles is not too dark, so you can knit both light and dark yarns wonderfully.

The set is made from FSC certified wood, which means KnitPro ensures that all needles come from sustainable forest sources.

Curious about the other new products? Then take a look at the online shop.

ITO is a Japanese word and means "yarn" or "thread". Japan is a country with a long tradition in textiles. ITO Yarn & Design GmbH works together with small spinning and dyeing mills and sees itself as an ambassador of the unique Japanese textile tradition. The yarns are produced - partly by hand, partly from recycled materials - entirely by small family businesses in Japan. Great importance is attached to fair working conditions and high industry standards during production.

The range includes, for example, two fabric sleeves for exchangeable needles. On the one hand, there are fabric covers for long 12.5 cm needles, on the other hand for 5 cm short needles. They are made of Japanese cotton with a woven-in arrow pattern. The large fabric cover is available in red or black and has 17 compartments for needle tips of different sizes and a large compartment for cables and accessories. The cover is about half the size and is available in blue. The cover has 16 compartments for needle tips and two large compartments for cables and accessories. In both cases an inner flap protects the needle tips (also from falling out during transport).

© ITO Yarn & Design GmbH

© ITO Yarn & Design GmbH

The blue fabric case with woven-in arrowhead pattern is also part of the ITO range and has 3 compartments for round needles or cables. Its size is comparable to a postcard (A6).

You can find further information from the product world at www.ito-yarn.com/en/products.

For further questions please contact info@ito-yarn.com or +49 30 69598002.

Author: Antje Bussinger