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Necklace, belt or rather a flower lamp? Everything works with macramé!

21 Feb 2019

Daniela Johannsenova

In her element, designer Johannsenova teaches visitors how to knot using templates and sketches they have made themselves. This gives the participants the chance to become creative themselves and implement their individual ideas using the macramé technique.

The beauty of macramé is that there are no limits to creativity, says Johannsenova: "If macramé is regarded as art, everything can be knotted. Beautiful are for example stones or large and small wall pictures which are embellished with macramé. But also many useful things like bags, curtains or hanging baskets can be knotted. The pioneers in this field are the Benelux countries and Great Britain, where macramé has become indispensable in the trade!

"Knitted, sewn, crocheted, knotted - that's what used to happen all the time at home," says the designer, "because I come from former Czechoslovakia, which was still communist at the time. We didn't have a very large selection of clothes, and if you wanted to wear something original, you had to make it yourself. She had already started using the macramé technique in the eighties. But "this technique has fallen asleep over time and I am all the more pleased that it is being revived," says Johannsenova.

Today the designer and management consultant runs an online shop and a studio in Dormagen. For example, she organizes smaller meetings for other knitting enthusiasts. But she only really proves her organisational talent when she organises the wool festival in the Rheinterrassen in Düsseldorf (this year on 17 and 18 August 2019), which attracts over 2000 visitors every year.

Johannsenova herself uses only high-quality natural materials for her models. "I think knitting must be fun, and that includes the feeling of working with pleasant materials. There are enough inexpensive off-the-peg products on the market and we don't knit because we don't have anything to wear, but because it's simply beautiful," says the designer. Her timeless and feminine models are designed to make women look "beautiful" - no matter what size they are, the important thing is to emphasise their advantages.

It's easy to come up with the idea for a new design in macramé style, explains Johannsenova: "Everything inspires me! I love to travel and the best ideas are mostly on the road - far away from my studio in Dormagen, far away from home. Most of the models were made on the passenger seat in the car, because there really all my thoughts can flow into the knitting needle without anything else distracting me".

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