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Interview - Jutta Nowak

28 Feb 2020

Knitted paper tube: The surprisingly smooth DIY trend

Jutta Nowak

Jutta Nowak is a florist, stylist and freelance editor. She uses many different materials for her workshops and commissioned works. This is how she discovered her love for paper knitting. In an interview she explains what a paper knitted tube is, what it can be used for and what awaits the participants in the workshop.

Knitted paper tube, what is it actually?

The bulky name is a made-up word. In principle simply a hose knitted from a paper fibre. It is hollow, similar to a knitting dolly hose. At first you associate paper with a rather firm feel, but actually it is a very supple material with a natural, loose fall that you "feel" very well.

Jutta Nowak: Knitted paper tube 3

The paper knitted tube from the Halbach Silk Ribbons company is available in 25 colours with very beautiful nuances ranging from hip trend colours such as coral or yellow to a natural range of white, cognac and grey. The material is unique and is currently only offered by this one manufacturer.

What are the differences to other materials?

Unlike ribbons, which can sometimes look a little artificial when draped, and wool, which creates a very classic handmade look with its rough surface, the paper knitted tube scores points with its natural fineness and smooth drape.

What uses are there for the knitted paper tube?

Actually, you don't have to do much with the material, as it looks beautiful even when it is just hanging. Despite all this, its uses are almost limitless: you can drape it loosely, hang it up or knot, braid, crochet with your fingers or tie loops with it, for example. So it is a very versatile material.

We will also get to know another use in the workshop. If you push an aluminium wire through the tube, you can bend the tube into a permanent shape.

Two tips from Jutta Nowak on how to use knitted paper tubes

Tip no. 1: A statement hoop with eye-catching potential for every wall and door

All you need are colored paper knitting tubes, aluminum wire, a wooden ring or possibly a wire ring, as well as letter forms for attaching the threads.

Jutta Nowak: Knitted paper tube 1

If you push an aluminium wire through the paper knitting tube, you can bend the tube into a permanent form and create exciting shapes or lettering.

Jutta Nowak: Knitted paper tube 4

To do this, the tube with the inner wire is bent into a lettering, letter by letter. This results in the word of choice at the end, e.g. your company name or a greeting

Jutta Nowak: Knitted paper tube 5
Jutta Nowak: Knitted paper tube 2

Finally, fix the lettering in the ring and loosely attach a few knitted paper tubes to the lower edge of the ring. Ready is the DIY statement hoop!

Jutta Nowak: Knitted paper tube 6

More great and exciting DIY ideas, recipe suggestions and interesting facts about floristry topics can be found on Jutta Nowak's blog.

Have fun browsing!

Author: Antje Bussinger