h+h cologne: 07.–09.03.2025 #hhcologne

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Interview - Gabriela Kaiser

Capture and present ideas with mood boards

Gabriela Kaiser

Gabriela Kaiser

Trend scout and creative expert Gabriela Kaiser from TRENDagentur can be heard three times this year at the h+h cologne @home. There will be lots of input on mood boards, shop presentation and the hottest trends in the creative business!

In your workshop on "Moodboard: Visualise your ideas!" you work with different materials such as fabric samples, knitting yarn balls. How did you come up with this creative tool?

Professionals in various disciplines have been using mood boards for many years to record their ideas, create a concept and then present it at the end. I myself started creating mood boards as a knitwear designer about 25 years ago and have been using this technique for my various projects ever since.

What can shop owners actually achieve with mood boards?

Moodboarding is a very simple, effective and aesthetic tool that shop owners can use to create a concept for shopping new products, show their customers new merchandise in a clearly structured way and create a great decoration. It can also be used to decorate a shop window or shop - and the best part is that it's also a lot of fun!

How do you get started with a mood board and what does it take?

Capture and present ideas with mood boards

At the beginning, there might be a fear of the empty space, but when you know how to do it, it disappears very quickly. Creating a mood board becomes a playful relaxation that can then be put to good use in the end. In my workshop, I will show many different surfaces on which you can create mood boards, we will talk about the individual components that play a role and of course how best to proceed to get a great result in the end. You don't have to be artistically talented to create a beautiful mood board - anyone can do it! One tip: Don't put too many different ideas on one mood board. It's better to create a second mood board, e.g. with a different colour scheme.

Further events by Gabriela Kaiser at the h+h cologne @home

The talk on the Talksofa on Friday, "Store concept and decoration - ideas for a creative, modern implementation", also fits the theme of shop design, with Ms Kaiser offering many examples as inspiration on how to present goods in an inspiring way and implement an appealing decoration.

Those who want to refresh their knowledge of trends in the creative sector should definitely not miss the lecture "How do megatrends and countertrends influence the retail/creative sector?", which will also take place on Friday.