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In the mood! Moodboards for idea collection

21 Feb 2019

Trendagentur Gabriela Kaiser

In her already fully booked workshop "In the mood! Ideensammlung Moodboard" shows Gabriela Kaiser, owner of the TRENDagentur and experienced trend scout, how to create a moodboard with fabrics, yarns and pictures. Here are her answers to our questions about the workshop:

Every beginning is difficult - so is the creation of a moodboard. What is your tip, if the beginning with the empty board is difficult for me? What is the best way to start?

It's best to first look for an inspiration picture and use it as a basis for your other elements. That's all I want to tell you.

In which areas can I still use my moodboard?

The great thing about a moodboard is that you can really use it in different ways: As decoration in the shop window or shop, in communication with customers or photographed for social media. A moodboard usually looks very aesthetic and is very well suited to show customers new yarns and fabrics at a glance and to advise them. It is also an advantage if you have created different moodboards that you can see what your customer likes best to advise him on the basis.

Can I make mistakes when creating a moodboard and if so, how do I avoid them?

Don't put too many ideas on a moodboard. With too many different colors, too small elements and too many things on it, the moodboard can seem restless. It's better to use less and bigger elements that fit together in one color. And then design a second moodboard with a second idea.

How do I know if my moodboard is finished?

A moodboard doesn't have to show something at every point to be ready. Especially the game with empty surface is important here. If you feel a balance on the surface, it is finished. Experience shows that.