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Espadrilles - inspiring variety

21 Feb 2019


Can you tell us something about yourself and your career?

Straight ahead in slalom you could call that. Even as a student, I had a passionate but vague desire. I wanted to sell ideas. So after graduating from high school, I decided to train as a master copy maker in Berlin. Afterwards I attended a fashion school, then became a director of editing and worked in film and television productions and later for several years in the arts and crafts department of the Munich State Opera. I always came up against a limit, because I always put other people's ideas into practice.

So in 2003 I decided to start my own business in order to bring my own ideas into the world. With a small, fine booklet, I made my way to the Frankfurt Book Fair to get in touch with various publishers from the DIY sector. Maybe it was a mixture of courage, the right time and the right ideas - at least from then on I had my hands full. Now my focus is more on developing concepts for industrial customers, designing and inventing products, photography and developing internet manuals.

Well, and so the circle closes - today I sell my ideas.


Why did you decide to make espadrilles?

A few years ago, in cooperation with Prym Consumer Europe , I devoted myself intensively to the product Espadrilles soles. I developed patterns and experimented with many techniques, all of which can be found in the book "The Great Espadrilles Idea Book" . The variety of possibilities still inspires me and I would like to share this enthusiasm with others.

"Every beginning is difficult" - does this sentence also apply to the production of espadrilles?

*LOL* No, because every beginning is a beginning. It only gets difficult when you start at the end. But in my workshop we start at the beginning. Simple, easy and easy to understand.

What awaits the visitors of your workshop "Viva Espandrilles! Create the cult shoe"?

As the first workshop on the first day of the fair - definitely the best prelude to h+h cologne 2019! Visitors will be able to experience a creative sense of achievement in 90 minutes, from which they will benefit for a long time to come. After all, making espadrilles is a project idea that can also be easily implemented in one's own shop. And of course there will be no shortage of creative interaction and communicative exchange among the participants!