h+h cologne: 07.–09.03.2025 #hhcologne

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Masterclass: Entdecken Sie die Kunst des Tanzes durch Stoff und Faden – exklusiv mit Katia Convents | Event on the h+h cologne 2024

Masterclass: Discover the art of dance through fabric and thread - with Katia Convents

from Koelnmesse Event
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German with simultaneous translator
Trends and creative ideas, Talk Zone
Talk Zone, Hall 11.3, Booth C-039/ D-044

The event

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dance fashion with Katia Convents, whose extraordinary career has led her to become one of the most sought-after dancewear ateliers in Germany. In the masterclass, Katia will not only talk about the latest sewing trends and fabric innovations in the world of dance, but will also share insights into the journey that has brought her atelier to the forefront of the industry.

With a combination of passion, precision and a deep understanding of the movement of the human body, Katia designs costumes that not only impress aesthetically, but also bring out the personality of each dancer. Her ability to understand people and integrate their needs into each of her designs makes each piece a masterpiece of individuality and functionality.

Katia shares her philosophy that each costume is more than just a garment - it is an extension of the dancer themselves, designed to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Experience how Katia works with heart and soul to turn dancers' dreams into reality, and discover how you can apply these principles to your own creative projects.

Prepare to be inspired and see the passion behind every seam and fold of fabric from a new perspective. This one-on-one conversation is a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes of a successful atelier and learn from a master of her craft who proves that in the world of fashion and dance, it is the person and the heart that set the true rhythm.