h+h cologne: 22.–24.03.2024 #hhcologne

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Gesundheitselexier Stricken! Ein kompetenter und ganzheitlicher Blick auf das schönste Hobby der Welt | Event on the h+h cologne 2023

Health elixir knitting! A competent and holistic look at the most beautiful hobby in the world

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Miscellaneous, Knitting, Embroidery, Rug and Crochet Thread / Yarn / Wool
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The event

Janne Graf still likes to knit and crochet almost every day, even though she has been working with stitches all day for over 30 years.

As editor-in-chief of The Knitter (D), she profiles designers, sheds light on the health aspects of knitting and crocheting, tracks down trends and new techniques, writes about models and collections, is interested in the history of needlework, reports on events related to wool and stitches, and takes a close look at new and established yarns. 

"My drive in doing this is my appreciation for the cultural techniques of knitting and crochet and the great people who engage in them, preserve them, develop them, have fun with them and bring joy to others with them," she says, describing her ongoing enthusiasm for her subject. 

In this talk, Janne Graf provides insight into her work and explains with a wink why knitting makes you healthy, beautiful and happy.


Editor in Chief "The Knitter"