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Sustainable products from our exhibitors Part 2:

5 May 2020

Sustainable products from our exhibitors Part 2: Recycled yarns, organic wool and much more

In our last blog post, we presented sustainable products from our manufacturers around the world. As this topic is becoming more and more important, we will show you in this second part even more sustainable products of our exhibitors.

Hooked: recycled and colourful yarn

Hooked: recycled and colourful yarn

Bring a splash of color to your projects with the new Ribbon XL neon yarn from Hooked! The new neon yarn collection is a bright and exciting twist on RibbonXL, a premium bulky and lightweight yarn made from recycled fabric. Neon RibbonXL is a scratch-free fabric yarn. It is slightly elastic and is very easy to knit and crochet, giving you fast and stylish results. RibbonXL Neon is available in 5 bright neon colours.

Are you looking for a recycled cotton yarn with colour gradient? The new collection of wavy blends consists of 9 beautiful colour gradients. Wavy Blends are colour gradient yarns inspired by the colour flows of wild oceans and natural rivers. Each bobbin of Wavy Blends gradually fades from one shade to the next, creating a beautiful colour flow in your project.

Last but not least the latest addition to Hooked's recycled cotton yarns: Soft Cotton DK. This sustainable yarn is affordable and perfect for crocheting or knitting with a small purse. Hooked Recycled Cotton DK is produced in an environmentally friendly way and is free from additional dyes or toxic substances. This cotton yarn is super versatile and can be used for a variety of projects, such as amigurumi, summer tops, soft blankets, spring sweaters and baby products. A perfect yarn for creating soft textures both when crocheting and knitting. The collection has 32 beautiful colours and matches perfectly with the colours of other recycled yarns such as RibbonXL.

Sustainable wool from Tibet: mYak

mYak - Sustainable wool from Tibet

mYak has created a sustainable and ethical supply chain for Tibetan fibers, with

the goal of supporting the economy of the Tibetan nomads through profitable business

The idea behind the project is to unite two forces: the precious undercoat of young Tibetan yaks, Tibetan cashmere goats and Tibetan sheep and the finest Italian textile tradition.

mYak has almost 20 years of experience in working with Tibetan shepherds on the Tibetan plateau. This has resulted in a special relationship with these communities, based on mutual trust and confidence.

On the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, yaks, cashmere goats and sheep are raised semi-wild by nomadic herders according to thousands of years of traditional Tibetan grazing practice and in harmony with the fragile ecosystem of the high altitude grasslands. The yarns, made from 100% baby yak, silk and Tibetan sheep's wool, combine high-quality production with a socially and ecologically sustainable history.

You can find further information at Andrea Dominici andrea@myak.it or sales@myak.it

info@myak.it | www.myak.it

Rico Design - Nature Matters Collection

Rico Design - Nature Matters

The NATURE MATTERS theme world by Rico Design is a homage to nature. Inspired by its beauty and aesthetics, the designs show organic structures, textures and a full bloom: patterns of tree barks, delicate foliage and delicate flowers are part of the collection. The colour concept consists of innumerable warm, earthy tones, which begin to shine with fresh, contrasting tones such as sulphur yellow.

One of Rico Design's concerns was to save plastic material in the packaging of this collection. A rethink is absolutely essential. The design team had to find many new solutions for this. But in the end, around 150,000 bags were saved.

Rico Design hopes that this commitment is noticeable and also motivating - because Nature Matters!

The Nature Matters collection includes stationery, gift packaging, fabrics and embroidery materials.

In the shop you will find all products in the overview: Rico Design Shop

Pascuali: organic certified cashmere

Pascuali: organic certified cashmere

Pascuali now also offers organic certified cashmere! The cashmere qualities Atlantis, Cashmere Lace, Cashmere 6/28 and Cashmere Worsted will be available in organic quality and a new colour range in the future. The cashmere fibres for the yarns come from an organic farm in Mongolia, where the goats are kept on permanent pastures all year round. This is an important step against the further spread of the desert.

It is important to Pascuali to be able to offer his customers excellent quality from sustainable production - the welfare of people, animals and the environment must not fall victim to a "stingy is horny" mentality. The new organic cashmere wool will become a little more expensive, but our earth should be worth this slight price increase.

But why not simply switch to eco-recycled cashmere yarns, which are now available everywhere? In Pascuali's opinion, this is a sham. After a few times of wearing it, the knitting is ruined and is disposed of. This is the exact opposite of sustainability and "eco"!

You can find the whole product range on the website!

Dealers can pre-order the yarn and it will be available in July. Interested parties are also welcome to order the catalogues by e-mail at sales@pascuali.de