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Punch Needling novelties from Belousek and Zweigart

23 Mar 2020

© Knopfsache

© Knopfsache

Belousek and Zweigart present great new products for embroidery and punch needling. "Punch Needle" is a versatile and at the same time very simple embroidery technique that creates unique designs. Let us inspire you!

New products at Belousek:

PUNCH NEEDLE Kits by "Knopfsache" - effective loops with the Punch Needle

Punch Needling has been around for some time in the USA, but now the trend is finally coming to Europe. Many colourful embroidery motifs are now also available in sets. The technique is simple, no embroidery skills are required. But the result is especially effective, because every motif can be reworked with the punch needle. The Punch Needle as well as the fashionable sets for cushions and wall hangings for the best results already available!


Zweigart Punch Needle embroidery ideas and yarns:

As a traditional company with fully integrated production facilities, Zweigart's passion since 1877 has been the development and production of high-quality handmade fabrics and damask "made in Germany".

Embroidery ideas # 104 / 317 PUNCH NEEDLE

The Punch Needle with wool yarns is too coarse and you would rather have small playful details punch? Then you can do it with the king class of Punch Needles with fine embroidery threads try! Especially beautiful are our numerous colours, glitter fabrics and prints as background. The booklet contains beautiful designs with detailed technical instructions. More idea booklets here: shop.zweigart.de/sticken/stickideenhefte.html

Coarse Punch Needle with wool yarns

Whether cushion cover, bag, mural or even mini rug - with the Punch Needle you can let your creativity run wild and create beautiful patterns, shapes, pictures or letters.

Twoigarts items 3528 Monk's Cloth, 3517 Monk's Cloth Fine and 1198 Floba are the ideal punch needle base to achieve the most beautiful results. For coarser punch needles we recommend our article 3528 Monk's Cloth, for finer punch needles our two articles 3517 Monk's Cloth Fine and 1198 Floba are perfect. Usually the background is punched completely, so that the fabric is not visible later. But also other fabrics from our range can be used for the punch needle technique. If, for example, the background of the punched motif is to remain free, our article 3609 Belfast in particular offers a very wide range of colours.

Fine punch needle with embroidery threads

The fine punch needle with embroidery threads looks very similar to classic embroidery with back, stem and flat stitches on the flat side. The fabric is often intentionally left visible as background. For this reason, much finer fabrics with a more beautiful structure are used here than when punching with wool. A special advantage of the fine punch needle is the enormously wide range of colours of our fabrics. If, for example, the background of the punched motif is to remain free, the articles 3609 Belfast, 3984 Murano and 3835 Lugana in particular offer an extremely versatile range of colours. Special background effects can be created with printed fabrics like Petit Point, Sparkle, Vintage and Splash or metallic yarns like Irisé, Gold or Silver.


Author: Antje Bussinger