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Interview with Tobias Milse

15 Feb 2019

Interview with Tobias Milse

Our motto for next year is "colour your business!" - what role does colour actually play in your business?

Colour is essential in fashion and craftsmanship - an area that plays with visual appeal. But of course it also depends on haptics. The feel of a product or fabric ultimately decides whether we let ourselves be "seduced". Especially in my accessory and handbag collections I work with different colour concepts. I also combine leather and fabric. With a product that combines both, the different surfaces always present a challenge and a special appeal to combine the colours of these two so different materials.

What can visitors to your workshop look forward to in particular?

To interesting techniques and fashion inspiration.

Men's Fashion

Can all types of leather be dyed? That sounds difficult with artificial leather.

My workshop is not about dyeing the leather itself. It's more about colouring the open leather edges! This is even more subtle. The participants at h+h cologne will find out whether artificial leather can also be successfully dyed.

Do you already have a tip for us as to what trends await us next year in terms of needlework/(men's) fashion/colours?

I always let myself be inspired for my collections on the street, in cafés and in interesting cities. If you don't have the opportunity to travel, I recommend you take a look at the pictures of the Défilés in Paris. There you will always find inspiration on how well you can combine the craziest colours and motifs. The result always has a certain chic and a light elegance that the fashion-conscious woman of the 21st century is looking for.