h+h cologne: 22.–24.03.2024 #hhcologne

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Goes Green - Upcycling ideas and sustainable products

h+h cologne go green

Sustainability and environmental awareness are more than just a short-term trend for h+h cologne, which is why we are joining forces with numerous manufacturers with sustainable product ranges to promote a greener industry.

At h+h cologne, your innovative new products will meet the growing interest of retailers who want to meet their customers' needs with upcycling ideas and sustainable products.

Advantages of the h+h cologne "Goes Green"

  • Discover sustainable concepts and products from international exhibitors
  • Take a look into the future of the handicrafts industry
  • Design a versatile assortment with organic fabrics and co.

Sustainable products generate attention

As sustainability has become a key issue for consumers and companies alike, h+h cologne is dedicated to the green side of the handicrafts industry, with innovative concepts for the environmentally friendly production of handicrafts goods and sustainable products finding their place in the trade fair's offerings. Products from the "Goes Green" area include:

  • sustainable organic fabrics
  • Natural textiles
  • Sustainable and recycled yarns
  • Fair trade fabrics
  • GOTS certified wool or fabrics.

"Do-it-yourself" can not only be sustainable with paper and wood, handicrafts with fabric and co. are also becoming more and more environmentally friendly, as numerous exhibitors prove. Manufacturers are invited to present their environmentally conscious solutions and inspire retailers with their sustainable and at the same time trendy products.

h+h cologne goes green 2

This is why we have brought to life our special zone "h+h goes green", where you can discover the green handicraft industry and among others sustainable fabrics, sustainable yarns and Fair Trade materials or GOTS-certified wools or fabrics. Specifically on the upcycling trend, the "h+h goes green" special zone offers upcycling ideas to do at home and shows how trendy and nevertheless environmentally-conscious "making new ideas from old" is.

Understanding sustainability as a lasting trend

The desire of customers for more sustainability has long since become a loud voice that numerous manufacturers from the handicrafts industry take to heart in their product developments.

In fact, the handicrafts industry and environmental awareness go well together, because making your own clothing, home textiles, decorations and the like is usually accompanied by a great appreciation for the finished DIY project. Such self-creations and unique items are usually worn longer - a positive trend away from the throwaway mentality that prevails in many places. Yarns made from recycled material, organic fabrics and natural textiles are among the selection of environmentally friendly products that you as a retailer can use to design your assortment to suit the wishes of customers and the trend towards more sustainability.

Upcycling ideas - Make new from old

A widespread trend in connection with the topic of sustainability is upcycling, in which more and more customers are becoming interested. The idea behind it has existed for a long time: "Make new from old" was already the name of the principle of creating something new from used, worn-out or even broken objects and materials.

Not only the environment, but also the handicrafts industry benefits from upcycling, because it opens up a range of opportunities for manufacturers and retailers to attract and retain customers. On the rise, for example, are innovative upcycling and recycling solutions to create new materials from old. For example, it is possible to produce nylon yarn from fishing nets.

On the other hand, there are of course countless upcycling ideas for which retailers and specialty stores can offer customers suitable materials and instructions through their products. You can order suitable ideas and products at the h+h cologne and draw inspiration for your own range from workshops on upcycling. Exhibit exciting projects that are in the spirit of "from old make new" and make a contribution to more sustainable handicrafts.