h+h cologne: 26.–28.03.2021 #hhcologne

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Checklist and tips for h+h cologne @home exhibitors

The following checklist offers you an overview of everything you shouldn’t forget and when important deadlines are due. It shows you all important appointments and dates for h+h cologne @home (26.-28.03.2021) at a glance.

Checklist for exhibitors for download (.pdf)

Prior to h+h cologne @home (up until 25.03.2021)

Initial preparations
Our tip
Secure your participation at h+h cologne @home up until 12.03.2021. To this end, please send us the completed application forms 1.10 and 1.30 per e-mail to sales@hh-cologne.de. The applications will be con-firmed in mid-February 2021.
Start using the digital platform from week 8 onwards, to
enter your data in the self-service section.
Should you have any queries, the project team will be glad to assist you.
Who is responsible for the entire organisation? Define contacts and draw up a timetable with deadlines.
Regularly check your to-do list and keep an eye on important dates.
Prepare mailings or newsletters to attract attention to your digital trade fair presence.
Invite your customers to discover the digital format of h+h cologne this year.
Send out your customer invitations in good time. We will
place admission ticket codes for redemption from the Ticket Shop at your disposal from week 8.
More information on tickets will be available from the end of February 2021.
Involve your team in the planning from an early stage and ideally compile an attendance list (minimum requirements during the 3 trade fair days, daily from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)
to ensure that employees are always online.
Your employees should be reachable and should invite the visitors to view your company profile. Our recommendation regarding employee capacity is as follows:
  • Video/audio Showroom: min. 1 person (to receive visitors directly)
  • Networking: Min. 1 person (to participate proactively and address visitors)
    The person responsible for the Showroom can also take on this task, as long as he has off-times, one can then remain connected to the Showroom via the picture in picture function, 2 people is however more favourable.
  • Back office: Min. 1 person (the person responsible for the Video Showroom, can also take care of this, if the Video Showroom is not being visited at that point in time. Your leads and meeting requests land at the company in the backoffice. We recommend that you check these regularly so that you can react to any interest shown promptly.
Plan the employee capacity in due time when booking a Virtual Café.
Your employees should be reachable and should invite the visitors to view your company profile. Our recom-mendation here: At least 1 person should be present as a contact throughout the opening times of the trade fair. Possibly implementation of further employees for targeted campaigns, i.e. min. 1 person who presents the slots or which you define yourself (every half an hour or similar)
Plan the employee capacity in due time when booking a Round Table (i.e. á 30 Min.)
Your employees should be reachable and should invite the visitors to view your company profile. Our recommendation here: Because the Round Table is designed as an interactive format, the implementation of at least 2 employees is recommended (1 person pre-sents, guides through the meeting, 1 or more people presents questions/chat/admission requests)
Plan the employee capacity early enough when booking a
10-minute video slot on the Product Stage
of the
Make sure you are present with at least 1 person in the chat during the broadcast to answer questions directly or to react to subsequent meeting requests.
Set concrete aims and measures
Our tip
Define key products for presentation on the digital platform. Which products or services do you offer? What are your keywords that you would always like to accompany your products in the full-text search?
h+h cologne @home offers you manifold options to address new target groups in addition to your regular customers.
Design the visualisation of your company tile, under which you are listed in the list of exhibitors.
By integrating icons into the design of the tile, you underline the interaction options. So make sure as little text as possible appears in the graphics.
Book an advertising package or additional services and thus perfectly present your brand/products. h+h cologne @home offers you manifold options to address new target groups in addition to your regular customers.
Think about which contents should be presented on your company profile. Here the best idea is to place the focus on bestsellers and new products.
The more interestingly your company, products and services are presented, the longer the participant spends browsing and the more likely a purchase is. But don't show everything! Request instead that the visitors actively contact you to learn important details.
Last preparations
Our tip
Advertise your trade fair participation on your own website and in your e-mail signature. Make use of the h+h cologne @home advertising materials, which you can individualise yourself.
Compile an agenda for your public Showroom in the
company profile.
Integrate the button to the public Showroom into the graphics of your company tile in a striking manner.
Prepare special offers, special deals or other „goodies“.
These can be placed in our „goodie bag“ for the duration of the trade fair.
Even if no physical give-aways are possible, there are creative, digital alternatives. For instance combine postal mailings with your digital presence.
Define target groups for your „network“.
Lay down keywords that allow your sales team to search for people.
Start the active communication for your digital trade fair presence with social media and e-mail campaigns.
Always include a link to the visitor registration.
h+h cologne @home goes online with a soft launch for
visitors on week 11. At this point of time only the following
is possible: Registration, arranging appoint-ments, viewing and preferencing the programme, as well as limited contents in the Showroom.
The more informative your company profile is, the more easily the visitors can inform themselves. You can conveniently enter new products and brands to your profile in advance and place them online once the trade fair begins.
Prepare the upload of your contents for the soft launch on week 11 in good time. Make sure that you process your visuals, your content and your employee authorisations in good time.
Please observe the following deadlines for the provision of graphics for tiles outside of your Showroom.
Show Floor: up until 12.03.2021 (until midnight)
Virtual Café: up until 12.03.2021 (until midnight)
Product Stage: up until 12.03.2021 (until midnight)
Prepare the upload of your contents for the official opening of the trade fair on 26.03.2021 in good time. Make sure you process your visuals, your contents and your employee authorisations in good time.
Please observe the following recommendations for the Showroom:
Visuals: by 12.03.2021 (until midnight)
Contents: by 25.03.2021 (until midnight)
Employee authorisations: by 25.03.2021 (until mid-night)
Prepare the upload of your contents for the Product Stage
in good time as well as for the soft launch on week 11 and for the official opening of the trade fair on 26.03.2021.
Please observe the following deadline:
Product Stage: up until 12.03.2021 (until midnight)
Please note that in the case of booking a Round Table this is scheduled on a day chosen by you with the time slot determined by the trade fair and that it constitutes part of
the official event programme of h+h cologne @home (in spite of access limitations this also enables spontaneous access
and the overall planning).
Make sure your employees are briefed by the respective date/time slot and the contents (i.e. a live presentation via pptx/desktop sharing - no video) is prepared. The visuals should be uploaded by 12.03.2021 (by midnight).
Please remember that on booking a Virtual Café, the latter
is open continuously during the official opening times of the trade fair. You can place a booking up until 12.03.2021.
Make sure your employees are briefed by 25.03.2021 (by midnight) and the contents is prepared, which you present live at the tables of your Virtual Café (i.e. every half an hour product presentation XY - no videos).
Prepare your internal sales briefing for employees. Get to know the different functions of the digital platform.
Make sure your employees occupy themselves with the digital platform.
Lay down roles and areas of responsibility (i.e. presenter in the public Showroom, screening of the visitors, initial contact).
Greeting your visitors in a friendly manner is the best way to start a successful meeting.
Make sure that every employee has posted a profile photo.
Come up with creative ideas of how profile photos of the employees can be playfully implemented.

During h+h cologne @home (26.-28.03.2021)

What is important during the event?
Our tip
Make sure enough team members are available to take up contact with visitors.
Important leads will slip through your hands if a Showroom is not manned.
Actively invite visitors to attend dates and meetings.
Use the diverse invitation options of the platform for this purpose.
Choose appropriate campaigns and offers to activate your visits and generate leads
For example, actively advertise special offers.
Actively involve yourself in h+h cologne @home. Visit public talk shows to establish new contacts. Contact participants
per text chat or audio/video message. Take part in chats in
the specialised programme to attract attention.
All information on the programme can be found on the h+h cologne website.
Via the visual "network" search for relevant contacts and companies.
Make sure the respective interests are added to your own profile to increase the networking hit rate.
Contact interested participants via the chats of the
specialised programme.
To this end, use the various contact functions in a targeted manner.

After h+h cologne @home (as of 29.03.2021)

This is how to make the most of your trade fair participation!
Our tip
After 28.03.2021, your contents will still be available for all participants. Programme items are available "on demand". Collect valuable leads also after h+h cologne @home.
Include the links to your programme items in your communications even after the event.
Send “thank you” e-mails with a summary, contact information and the links to own video contents to
customers, contacts and new leads.
Prepare the mailing template in good time before the event.