h+h cologne: 18.–20.03.2022 #hhcologne

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  Thorsten Duit | Speaker of the h+h cologne @home

  Thorsten Duit

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Thorsten Duit
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Thorsten Duit

Thorsten Duit has been knitting since early childhood and cannot imagine a life without wool. He learned to knit when he was six years old, from his grandmother, who knitted baby things herself as commissioned work. He has not yet told us whether his first work was a pair of pink wool socks.
For him, knitting is relaxation. The regular movement of the needle decelerates him and he finds it absolutely satisfying to watch how a thread becomes a wearable piece of clothing.

Key subjects

Knitting, Embroidery, Rug and Crochet Thread / Yarn / Wool