h+h cologne: 22.–24.03.2024 #hhcologne

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Alles verwenden - nichts verschwenden. Upcycling als Fokus der Restliebe Bücherreihe | Event on the h+h cologne 2023

Use everything - waste nothing. Upcycling as the focus of the Restliebe book series

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The event

On "leftover love books": the book shows how old books can be used, whether individual pages, covers, spines or the whole book; plus useful info.
Content is divided into:
- an info section (where to find old books, what books are made of, what tools it takes,
plus some tips)
- practical things made from books: e.g. side table, handbag, magazine holder
- lamps
- Stationery: e.g. gift bags, bookmarks, pop-up card
- Wall decorations (e.g., folded birds, large paper dahlias), decorations to stand on (e.g., Book Nook,
planted book), decorations to hang (e.g. mobile), seasonal decorations (e.g. vase, fruit from
books, angels for the Christmas season)
Overall, the instructions are rather simple and can be implemented quickly even by beginners, I would say. Since books are mostly made of paper and cardboard, there is often no need for special special additional materials (e.g. books can be glued with liquid glue, hot glue; for the Depending on the project, a cutter or a pair of scissors can be used for cutting; acrylic paints can be used for coloring), Nevertheless, effective projects are created that have not often been seen before.