Special shows 2018

We presented selected special event areas focusing on handicraft. These areas are devoted to creativity, where you are invited to take part, where unusual techniques will be demonstrated and astonishing and inspiring projects will be presented.

Basler Tipi

Atelier Silke Bosbach


5. TEXTILE OUTDOOR AWARD – Atelier Silke Bosbach
Exhibition – Award ceremony – Farewell

For the past five years, the Atelier Silke Bosbach has organized the TEXTILE OUTDOOR AWARD (www.faser-um-faser.de), a competition aimed at promoting art, handicrafts & design in the area of textiles. Growing numbers of participants and visitors indicate that this concept is very popular with the public.

At h+h cologne 2018, the Atelier Bosbach presented large-scale photos of the nominated works, which were selected by an independent four-person jury. The motto of the competition was “Textile Art & Photography: The Forest – Biodiversity”. The award ceremony, to which all interested individuals were invited, was held at 2 p.m. on 24 March 2018 in the special show area reserved for the Atelier Silke Bosbach. More than 35 businesses, including h+h cologne, supported the award competition. The patron of the competition in the anniversary year 2018 was the renowned documentary filmmaker Jan Michael Haft, whose animal and nature films had received many awards and could be seen in cinemas all over the world.

After the award presentation, the TEXTILE OUTDOOR AWARD began a new call for submissions. However, the special show in 2018 marked Silke Bosbach’s farewell to the handicrafts fair visitors after more than 18 years of involvement with h+h. She will be continuing all of her other activities in the future.

Crochet Champions

Crochet Champions

The Crochet Champions once again come up with a great idea. Their last event was devoted to patchwork blankets, but this time around they were focusing on the trendy topic of amigurumis — tiny crocheted dolls. Full of anticipation about the 2018 World Cup, they had created a model of a football stadium, and now they wanted to fill it with 10,000 of these tiny figures. In order to reach this goal, of course they were depending on your help. The Crochet Champions were therefore calling on crochet enthusiasts to support their campaign by sending them amigurumis. You can find more information at www.haekelhelden.de . At h+h cologne 2018 they presented part of the stadium, whose stands was filled with amigurumis. The completely filled stadium will be presented at the World Cup in June 2018. After the World Cup, the amigurumis will continue making people happy, because they will be donated to children in social welfare facilities.



TEXTILE ART BERLIN is an international trade fair for textile art. Every year it organizes a competition that is judged by a jury and is open exclusively to the artists and dealers participating in the event.

The contestants were allowed to use any materials and techniques they wish, but the format of the works, the choice of colours and the presentation were predefined. This year there were 57 participants, who submitted a total of 78 samplers. The prescribed theme was “Intense Green”. We looked forward to present the samplers in an exhibition at h+h cologne in cooperation with MADEIRA.