Special shows 2017

We presented selected special event areas focusing on handicraft. These areas are devoted to creativity, where you are invited to take part, where unusual techniques will be demonstrated and astonishing and inspiring projects will be presented.

Basler Tipi

Tape art is a form of temporary urban art that is created using tapes of different textures, colours and shapes. In a three-day live performance at h+h cologne 2017, artist Silke Bosbach will be creating a three-dimensional installation out of masking tape. Tape art is unbelievably versatile, odourless, easy to remove and large areas can quickly be transformed. The space created by Silke Bosbach addresses the three-dimensional shapes of the architecture, evoking walls and floors.

Visitors to h+h cologne 2017 can carry out independent photo sessions at a 3D wall already completed by Bosbach and take the results home with them.

Passage between Halls 2/3, stand number P7

Photo: © Daniel Ammann

In France in particular, beautiful shops dedicated exclusively to cheese can still be found. Otherwise, everything such as cheese, wool etc. is bought in supermarkets. But this is no substitute for the skilled crafting of cheese, just like it isn’t for the attentive service in specialist wool shops. This cheese exhibition is an homage to all specialist shops. Everything here is illusory, knitted, but it is designed to awaken the desire for wonderful, real cheeseboards. The wool, of course, was bought in such specialist shops!

Passage between Halls 2 and 3, stand number P2

Galerie Smend will be presenting eight to ten kimonos on wooden racks . The kimonos come from Japan from where they were acquired in the 80s. The keyword or umbrella term for this technique is „KASURI”.

Passage between Halls 2 and 3, stand number P9

Multiple award winner for design and worldwide sought-after expert on hand-weaving, Andreas Möller developed the famous Flying8 loom, which can be made by any weaver. Private individuals, aid agencies, weaving mills and colleges are all enamoured by the Flying8 approach to weaving. Flying8 looms are already used in almost 20 countries. Möller has for several years now been enjoying a successful partnership with a workshop in Ethiopia. Möller’s latest works point to happiness and brightness. Möller’s easiness and optimism stem from his unique handling of materials and techniques and his deep understanding of weaving.

Passage between Halls 2 and 3, stand number P6

After the explosion of colour at h+h 2016, the crochet heroes will be presenting a grey contrast. The crochet heroes stand for colourful products that please all of the senses. In 2017, they will be presenting the drab antithesis to this colour. Part of their project involves work therapy in prisons, where the products are finished. At h+h, the crochet heroes want to give visitors an opportunity to dip into this unique world. Visitors will find out what it’s all about at the event itself.

Passage between Halls 2 and 3, stand number P3

A freelance consultant and coach in communication and social media by profession, Jutta Westphal lives out her love of handicraft with the website Häkeltrophäen.de (crochet trophies). Designing her own crochet patterns, trying out new colour combinations and giving free rein to her creativity are all things that give her plenty of fun from her hobby of crochet. Moreover, the cheerful trophy heads give a lot of pleasure to others. Easy to care for, hand-tame and vegan – what could be better?

Passage between Hall 2 and 3, stand number P8

An event by the German-Afghan Initiative (Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative e.V.)

This contest invited participants to design a textile work incorporating images of letters of the alphabet in a piece of Afghan crochet. Each of the 41 works had to be a two-person piece. The results are strongly symbolic creations in which not only are two techniques combined, but above all two cultures connect. The Afghan crochet was expected to be integrated into a personal composition in A4 to A3 format. The classical proportions of a sheet of writing paper were therefore to be maintained. The work had to reveal a message. It could be an abstract composition of unreadable symbols or a readable text. The crochet had to have its place in it, either as ornamental lettering in the style of a medieval book illumination or placed at will on the surface. In any case, the crochet had to remain visible.

This MESSAGE was to be directed at the participant himself or herself, at someone famous, a loved one, an unknown person, or indeed to others in general, such as mankind as a whole.

Hall 2.1, stand number B-031a

The aims of our association are to promote environmental protection and to support people in need. Since 2006, the individual local groups within the association have been knitting and crocheting for a good cause. Some of the knitted and crocheted items are distributed to various organisations as charitable goods in kind, such as for the homeless in Stuttgart (the “Helfende Hände“ / Helping Hands charity) or the Ludwigsburg-based Invitare foundation for mother and child. All of the remaining products are sold in various markets and the proceeds donated. In this regard, our major projects include “Hilfe für kranke Kinder” / Help for Sick Children in Tübingen and the children’s aid project “Abra” in the Philippines.

Hall 2.1, stand number E-002

The project was led by Anne Crochette, yarnbombingbruxelles.

The group was founded on 23 April 2016 by Brussels-based Anne Crochette, already has 402 members worldwide and continues to grow. The first squares quickly came together and the members got to know each other, swap know-how and met to hold joint events. On 24 September, everything was in place and the tepee was set up in front of the European Parliament. The event was well attended throughout the day and until late into the night, enabling beautiful, interesting and peaceful encounters.

Entrance South