Sustainable living for all: conscious handwork!

"Green" products have now established themselves in many consumer areas - even in the handwork sector! Sustainable products are an integral part of the supply chain of many trading companies. Sustainable products are evolving from the trend to self-evident. The more sustainable product variants become established, the greater the need for orientation.

We like to follow this up and give an insight into the green segment on the special event area "h + h cologne goes green!".

At the presentation platform in Passage 2/3, exhibitors of the h + h cologne show a selection of their products, which consider social as well as ecological points of view, as well as the path to sustainability and the reasons for it.

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Statements Exhibitors 2018

"The h+h cologne goes green area places the ever more important topic of sustainability in the foreground and as the only GOTS-certified manufacturer of knitted fabrics h+h cologne goes green offers us the ideal presentation area for the retail trade. In recent years, the h+h cologne goes green area has convinced with its appealing and professional presentation of sustainably produced fabrics and haberdashery. We are looking forward to a great h+h goes green area in 2018, which will focus on the high relevance of sustainable production."

"As an exhibitor from the very beginning, we are looking forward to the upcoming h+h trade fair with positive expectations. The topics of sustainability and ecology have always been of great importance to us as a German manufacturer. Innovative button materials such as liquid wood buttons made from 100% renewable raw materials, lead-free colours and materials as well as recyclable product packaging underline this claim."

"h+h cologne proved last year to be a very good platform for us to present our company and fabrics. A very special highlight is the exhibition area - h+h cologne goes green. This platform enables companies such as fabrilogy to present their particularly environmentally and socially responsible textile production. Once again this year we expect a very large response from the trade public."

"By presenting our products on the h+h cologne goes green exhibition area, we would like to arouse the visitors' interest in this topic and ensure that they come to our stand to obtain information and order. Sustainability is at the forefront of our collection, Schoeller Süssen focuses on environmentally friendly produced yarns made of natural fibres."

"As a manufacturer of GOTS-certified yarns, we are pleased about the growing demand for sustainable wool. h+h cologne goes green gives us the opportunity to present our organic wool where merchants are looking for ecological wool."

"Once again this year, we will be happy to participate in this important trade fair event for the environment. By participating, we want to show how many sustainable products there are in all of our collections."

We are a global player. But we certainly do not play with the future of our planet. This is why we have developed an environmentally friendly sewing thread. Naturally in well-known Gütermann quality. Its production requires less energy and produces less CO2, and you are already familiar with its outstanding proximity: thanks to Gütermann's Micro Core Technology®. Convince yourself and visit us - we will be present at this year's h+h goes green!"

"With our participation in this project we want to make a clear statement for the use of sustainable products. In addition to the Oekotex certification, our products contribute to making clothing longer wearable and thus counteract the throwaway society. We hope that our participation will help us to raise the profile of this important issue even further."

"Mettler® is the strong, international trademark of the AMANN Group. We are the first sewing thread and embroidery thread manufacturer worldwide to participate in the detox campaign of the environmental protection organisation GREENPEACE, which has launched a global detoxification programme "Detox Our Future". Accordingly, an extended catalogue of criteria was developed for the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification in accordance with Appendix 6, in which the limit values, especially for the so-called "detox groups of substances", were greatly increased. Nearly all our yarns have now been tested and certified in accordance with the strict requirements of Appendix 6."

"We have been participating to the h+h cologne goes green area since the very first edition because we believe in this project of sustainabilty for a better environmemnt. We are strongly fighting for high quality and checked productions notwithstanding the trends of low cost and imported materials. The topics of attention and quality have always been important to us, and with the professional  presentation of the exhibiton we wish that all trade customers and  then the final users will understand the importance of certified productions."

"10 years Opal Schafpate - if that's no reason to celebrate. In 2008 the project Opal Schafpate was founded by our father Wolfgang Zwerger. The idea behind it is a continuous improvement of the wool quality of Merino land sheep, the support of migratory sheep farming and the preservation of the unique juniper heathland of the Swabian Alb. Over the last 10 years, the quality of virgin wool has demonstrably improved considerably, so that the German shepherds were again able to demand a better wool price and also led to jobs being secured."

"All Bio Mondial Yarns in 100% organic wool or 100% organic cotton have obtained certifications from ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 “Confidence in Textiles”. These certifications identify a natural textile product with environmental sustainability requirements and a high level of production eco-technology, and guarantee that the yarns (tested and controlled in each and every processing step) are free of harmful substances."

"Did you know, plastic waste takes over 1,000 years to degrade? Plastic packages are discarded after use and often end up in landfills. Considering these harsh realities, Beissel has taken several initiatives to adopt sustainable, green manufacturing processes and eco-friendly packaging. As a responsible corporate citizen, it evaluates every step in its manufacturing process with a vision to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Did you know, chrome plating results in toxic effluents that are harmful? PRÊT needles have ZERO CHROME. Besides, the waste-water from the manufacturing process is completely recycled. The TREATED WATER is then utilized for horticulture and maintaining our beautiful lush green garden around the factory!"

"The lillestoff trail began in 2010 with the organic certified children's fabrics. A few years later, we launched the women's lillestoff Woman line. We produce our goods on the basis of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and with high environmental and social criteria. It is important to us to treat the environment with sensitivity, to take responsibility and to ensure that the substances are produced under humane conditions. We guarantee a sustainable production of our goods. Our fabrics should not only be beautiful, they should be pleasurable, carefree and skin-friendly."

"The traditional Danish company has recently added four GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified handknitted BC yarns to its range. In contrast to the Öko-Tex certificate, GOTS examines not only the skin compatibility but also the animal welfare, the pesticide-free cultivation of cotton, the fair payment of all those involved in the production process, the environmentally friendly use of resources and waste avoidance. And the GOTS-certified yarns from BC Yarn prove it: Eco-yarns can also come in beautiful bright colours. The BIO BALANCE, which is made up of half cotton and half new wool, is machine-washable and therefore the perfect baby and children's yarn, because superwash is completely dispensed with in these yarns, as this process is usually carried out using large quantities of chemicals."

"Borgo de' Pazzi Firenze® is proud to present its “Amore” Yarn on h+h cologne goes green!: 100% recycled merino wool from textile waste. The roots of the art of recycling wool are ancient; however, the commercial aspects of the process were developed in Prato, in the wake of WWII, making the textile district of the city one of the most important in the world. Wrongly considered for many years to be a minor activity as compared to the production of virgin fiber yarns and fabrics, today it has acquired greater value thanks both to the tested and certified quality of the product and to its sustainability: thanks to the regeneration of fabrics and textile cut-offs, more than 22 thousand tons of waste material no longer end up in landfills but take on new life with great savings in waste management and enormous environmental benefits."

"100% Kyrgyz cashmere. Authentic. Ethical. June Cashmere works directly with shepherds in their communities, teaching best management and fiber harvest practices in order to establish Kyrgyzstan’s identity as a world-class cashmere producer. The company's goal is economic growth in Kyrgyzstan through cashmere. June Cashmere works directly with the shepherds, having created fiber combs for shepherds to use to comb out the cashmere fiber during the natural spring molting season. Through combing, goats are treated ethically and shepherds are paid fair market value for their fiber."

"Originating from the long-lasting love towards yarn and drive towards sustainability, Finnish yarn house Lankava produces yarns for crochet, knitting and weaving of upcycled cotton waste. Lankava Eco-Cotton craft yarns such as Tube Yarns, Loopy Craft Yarn and Chunky Twine are made of pre-consumer cutting waste, a leftover material from textile factories. Aino rag rug yarn in turn is made in Finland from discarded bed sheets. All these products have the natural feel and quality of cotton, but without the environmental costs of virgin cotton production. No water wasting, no dyeing!"

"Awareness of a common world shapes our actions. Sustainability is important to us. This starts with the fact that we also develop our products very conservatively. We see our suppliers and customers as partners. A quick change of assortment is of no use to anyone. Our article Bio-Merinos has been certified with the eco-label GOTS. The GOTS seal (Global Organic Textile Standard) has very strict requirements and criteria along the entire production chain."

“From the early beginning, back in 2010, the whole fabric production of Les Trouvailles d’Amandine is made in France and based on the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) requiring meeting high environmental and social criteria. All our fabrics are and have always been GOTS certified. The respect of the environment and workers as well as high quality expectation and maintaining French savoir-faire are the true core of Les Trouvailles d’Amandine. For those reasons, all our fabrics are made in France and skin-friendly, sustainably produced, beautiful, and last but not least, made with various weaves, declinations of plain-weave, twill, satin and jacquard. In our factories we are able to GOTS dye, weave, print and develop custom-made fabrics, so feel free to ask us.”

"As a long time exhibitor to the h+h cologne trade fair and a participant in the h+h cologne goes green since the start we always strive to present fashionable button and trimming articles to the marked that comply at least with the Oekotex regulations and if possible beyond. Whereever possible we choose materials that are recycled or recycable and in case of the use of natural materials we allways strive to only use materials that comply with for instans fair trade or similar regulations. We feel a larger and larger interest from our customers for these issues and therefore we believe that the h+h cologne goes green is a good chance to showcase a few of our produts in collboration with the other suppliers that focus on the green issue."

"CIMMINO family represents a tradition in the textile-world since 1750. We supply classic fabrics for outerwear as well as bridal fabrics for wedding and fancy fabrics for special events such as Halloween and Christmas, special fabrics for window-dressing, decorations and fair preparations, production of case boxes, flags, theatrical costumes and tailoring, dance shows and much more like household and linen. We rely on two labs to test the quality of our fabrics. Upon the fulfillment of specific analysis, this gives us the possibility to reassure our customers about safety for people and environment, in compliance with all the requirements laid down by the European Regulation 1907/06 and following modifications. And for part of our fabrics we also have the Oeko-Tex Certificate to guarantee the absence of harmful dyes and/or substances.

Therefore, by attending h+h cologne goes green, we expect to be acknowledged as reliable patners, constantly aware of the essential need for quality and safety."

"Bamboo is a renewable resource as it grows extremely quickly. Using bamboo means very little environmental impact and logging bamboo for products such as knitting needles means giving more room to protect our forests. One of the reasons that people have preferred bamboo throughout the years is that it is natural and environmentally friendly. Bamboo is different in nature, depending on where it is grown, the season and the variety. For this reason, only skilled craftsmen who have the flexibility to work with these properties are able to manufacture stable quality bamboo knitting needles."

"As a participant in the h+h cologne goes green, we are pleased to present our new products in GOTS and vegan buttons. After decades of button experience", we are still enthusiastic about developing and manufacturing exclusive buttons in addition to the classic shapes and offering them at h+h in Cologne at reasonable prices. We can also implement and produce your own button ideas individually for you. We are your specialist for mother-of-pearl, buffalo horn, stone nut, water buffalo bone, wood, coconut, etc."

"Editex will bring the most surprising and innovative collection for the new season Autumn-Winter 2018 to h+h cologne. A big range of prints, fabrics, designs, colors and qualities will astonish you. If you want to see the new colors and trends for upcoming season, you’re at the right spot here! We are showing the brand new Chat Chocolat collection (GOTS) on the h+h cologne goes green! Come and visit us."

"BIO-LOGIC is our brand new 100% organic and GOTS certified quality. We have developed 7 different colors, organic as well, and a specific wooly touch that knitters will just love! PLASSARD is developing natural yarns and commit itself to respect the environment as well as animal well being. The h+h cologne goes green is a perfect place to show our willingness of going into more sustainability."

"C. Pauli is a GOTS certified manufacturer of substances in pure organic quality. Sustainability and environmental awareness are top priorities for C. Pauli. With classic, unusual and special fabric designs, as well as diverse and high-class qualities, C. Pauli has made a name for itself among numerous sewing enthusiasts."