h+h cologne: 20.–22.03.2020


Talksofa Speakers Friday, 29th March 2019

Anke Müller
Ann Katrin Trost
Barbara Lange
Katrin Speer
Tanja Kosub
Uwe Bürder

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The designer Anke Müller is known for beautiful fabrics and unusual model ideas with very special details, but also designs beautiful papers and motifs for her label "Cherry Picking". Since her jury activity in the show "Geschickt eingefädelt" she stands for creative design on her sewing machine. She gets inspiration for this at international trade fairs and thus translates the coming trends into current cuts and models.

"Totally different but still in perfect harmony"

Two creative minds behind "Pfeffer & Salz".

Pfeffer: Bettina Grüninger has been at home in the fashion industry for over 20 years and uses her days off to study fashion magazines at the HotSpot Cafés in Paris. As a lecturer at LDT Nagold (Academy for Fashion Management) and recruiter for international fashion companies, she passionately passes on her know-how.

Salz: Michaela Kranz is a store designer and has already worked as a trend scout for the textile industry. She combines her passion for fashion and interior design with a future-oriented perspective on good style and transforms her customers' surfaces into emotional experiences.

With the authentic kind of Pfeffer & Salz, they motivate and inspire their customers and train them individually in fashion, lifestyle, interior, staff, customer loyalty and enthusiasm.

Ann-Kristin Kassler is a color and trend enthusiast, with 10 years in fashion industry. During several roles in Berlin, New York and Hamburg, she honed her skill as a color and concept manager for several global fashion companies (from Anna Sui to TrendONE, Tchibo and Landor). In her new role as Head of Color & Trend Advisory for Coloro, she highlights the reasons why new product coloro will make your working day even easier (and brighter) when it comes to translating fashion and retail concepts into color specifications

Annemie is inspired by nature and cultures from faraway countries to which she has travelled extensively. Especially her knowledge in the field of felt is very broad. She likes to work with her own dyed wool and recycled materials. She loves to accept challenges and to create new things.

Barbara Lange is the president of the Patchwork-Gilde Deutschland. In addition to this activity, she regularly participates in jury meetings of various exhibitions in Germany and Europe.

She has also been to Russia, China, Latvia, the Czech Republic and France to present her solo exhibitions.

Prof. Dr. Ingo Markgraf leads the Business School at Macromedia University and teaches management, business psychology and marketing. He advises companies on questions of leadership, personnel development and culture. In this context, he is particularly concerned with conflicts between generations. Previously, he was head of marketing at Rewe Touristik.

After studying Romance languages and literature and psychology in Germany and France as well as leading positions in renowned Hamburg PR agencies and in an international fashion and lifestyle group, the PR manager, editor and trainer Katrin Speer went self-employed with the agency Agentur speer - Marken und Medien.

For around 20 years, she has been advising German and international companies, institutions and associations in the design and implementation of their corporate and product communication as well as in marketing. In individual coaching and in training sessions, she trains managing directors and marketing managers in all aspects of communication and self-marketing. As a freelance editor, she designs and produces corporate publications and writes for sustainable magazines. "Sustainability" is her area of expertise. She has profound knowledge and many years of experience in the field of sustainable lifestyle markets, e.g. in the hobby & handcraft, fashion & design, home & household textiles, art & culture sectors.

Tanja Kosub is a stylist & set designer for advertising photography and specialises in product styling for fashion, beauty and interior design. In her special programs for sole proprietorships she coaches the topics photo, content & concept.

On the talksofa of the h+h cologne, Tanja Kosub talks about the topic "How product photos become customer magnets". Because: A photo generates our attention in a tenth second. Or not. In this fraction of a second we decide whether a click on the picture is worthwhile or not, whether we want to take a closer look at the product or not. Or not. In this fraction of a second we decide whether a click on the picture is worthwhile or not. Whether we want to take a closer look at the product or not. This happens completely unconsciously, with all of us.

Tanja shows how you can use her 5-step strategy to stage effective photos. Photos with a wow effect that immediately arouse the interest of your customers and tell a story. For your blog, your shop and your social media.

Uwe Bürder is a graduate in Economics, a trainer, STRUCTOGRAM®-Master trainer and speaker. After gaining diverse experience as a Subsidiary and Sales Director, licensed Structogram trainer and author for organic communications and Structogram CRM, he has since combined his competences. He specialises in the following areas: STRUCTOGRAM® training system, sales and marketing consulting, sales training at the point of sale, training in CRM systems in the publishing industry and the further development of CRM systems with Structogram CRM.