h+h cologne: 29.–31.03.2019


Special shows

Visit our special shows at the h+h cologne 2019! On Passage 2/4 you will find beautifully decorated shop windows by Karin Wahl, which you can also admire in a guided tour. In Passage 2/3 and in Hall 3.1, A 21/B 20, Patchwork Gilde Deutschland e.V. awaits you with its exhibition on the theme of "Rainbows".

Handmade Windows

Handmade Windows

Window dressings to copy! Especially in summer it needs special productions to inspire its customers for handicrafts in this time. That's why in Passage 2/4 we show several original shop windows, which are supposed to inspire you to copy. For the ingredients, which consist of simple materials, there is immediately a list to take away.

Guided Tour: During a guided tour in front of the shop windows on Friday, 29.03.2019, at 2 p.m. and on Sunday, 31.03.2019, at 2.30 p.m., the designer Karin Wahl explains the concept of what to pay attention to when implementing the ideas and gives helpful tips for setting up a shop window.

Speed consultation : In addition, a speed consultation with Karin Wahl will take place on Saturday from 1.30 to 3 p.m. on the "my lovely livingroom". Here you can ask the expert all possible and impossible questions about the shop window

Exhibition of the Patchwork Gilde Deutschland e.V.

 Exhibition of the Patchwork Gilde Deutschland e.V.

Each year, the guild invites its members to participate in its announcements with a quilt. The topic is set, the implementation is individual. This year the Patchwork Gilde Deutschland e.V. will exhibit on the topic "Rainbow".

Matching the theme of the my lovely livingroom "Colour Your Business" you can watch many great quilts on the Passage 2/3. If you want to watch the live quilting, visit the stand in Hall 3.1, A 21/B 20 when Bea Galler will be quilting.

„Cow & More"

„Cow & More

The Guldusi embroidery programme in Laghmani, Afghanistan, has been in progress since 2004. In more than 10 years of visits to Afghan villages, two great advances have been made: the fathers have understood that not only their sons but also their daughters have to go to school. The second visible advance is cows. More than 10 years ago, one rarely saw a cow on a farm. Nowadays they are no longer rare and many embroiderers can afford a cow - even if not every year.

A sign of solidarity

The creative processing of a hand embroidered cow is to be understood as a concrete sign of solidarity with the embroiderers in the Afghan villages as well as recognition of development progress. Without forgetting that the country is still at war, something concrete is being done against the recurring statement that "things are not getting any better in Afghanistan".

The COWandMORE exhibition will be shown in many places and will provide a platform that proves that people from different cultures can work well together.

A collaboration of four partners
The German-Afghan Initiative (DAI e.V.), MADEIRA Garne, BERNINA International and the German Patchwork Guild e.V.

Further information at www.guldusi.com